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Question: Would you vote for me for New York Governor?

Question by Senor Magoo: Would you vote for me for New York Governor?
•I would pass a law to make property taxes in all counties flat at 4% of the homes value.
•I would pass a bill to make the property tax on businesses that decide to come to my state from foreign countries or for companies that once held more than 40% of their offices/manufacturing plants in a single US state 0.2% for 10 years, and then increase 0.1% every year after that for 20 years.
•For education I would pass a law to make text messaging/cell phone use during school hours illegal, I would make it a priority to make a contract with private ISP companies to make sure that broadband internet reaches all schools.
•I would support a voucher program for children to have private school alternatives to make public schools more competitive.
•I would also pass a bill to build a new SUNY university which would offer high quality education in medicine, law, education, energy careers, etc. for a 45% reduced price but I would make admissions very competitive.
•Pass a bill that would allow only the children of citizens/legal residents/holders of non-expired visas to attend my states public schools/community colleges.
•I would pass a law named (NY-verify): first I would issue a workers card to everyone in my state that has a social security card/non-expired visa so that employers must ask to see that workers card to potential employees to verify that they are legal workers and thus can be hired. This law would also be applied to apartment/house renters. If violators of the law are found they can be sued by the state and huge fines can be placed on them.
•I would work with sheriffs of counties to analyze parts of the state that need the most police force/national guard troops to crack down heavily on drugs/illegal gun violence. I would also make penalties related to those crimes heavier and more severe.
•MOST IMPORTANTLY I would pass a law to create an optional program to give homeowners a state issued debit card where they can store up to $ 8000, but they will not be able to touch it. That money is then taken by the state and is used to pay a part switching the home to solar energy for electricity/heating/water. The rest of the costs will be covered by a state funded program. Businesses would be obliged to participate in the program. The program would also expand wind energy construction.
•I would invest in building local rails and new bus systems to link small towns to large metropolitan areas. I would also invest in public works projects and making them more energy efficient.
OJ: stop trolling.

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Answer by TheMAN2
NO I wouldn’t vote for you. Most if not all of those wouldn’t work

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6 Responses to Question: Would you vote for me for New York Governor?

  1. Conspiracy Buster 2.0

    No i wouldn’t because i am not a resident of New York.

  2. gestapoid

    Are you able to see? Do you have trouble walking through rooms without bumping into things?

  3. John H

    Yeah, sure, whatever, I did not even bother to read that huge load under your question.

  4. Probie


  5. Rick Ramrod

    Gee, are you sure you would want to waste the money running for any public office in NY with your agenda?

    Not exactly the liberal point of view you would expect. Especially your point of view on illegal aliens.

  6. Trevor T

    Well DUHHH

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