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Question: Will loft insulation sound proof a shed?

Question by Stephen Garner: Will loft insulation sound proof a shed?
im looking to sound proof my shed so i can take up wood turning with out annoying my neighbours and i was wondering if this would work with a layer of ply or plaster board over the top or if there are any other cheap alternatives that i could try?

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Jablite. Baton out the shed, cut it to fit in place and face with ply. Works with a drum kit, but I have to keep opening the door every20 mins or so as the room gets hot.

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  1. Dave Bowden

    Old cardboard egg cartons,Cover your interior walls with egg cartons,must be cardboard,with the cone shapes facing in.Give them a coat of black paint and they disperse sound waves just like in a recording studio. Dave.B. UK

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