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Question: Will a heat pump upgrade be worth it?

Question by B G: Will a heat pump upgrade be worth it?
I purchased a new 1,850sq ft home in August that is all electric with no heat pump. The furnace is heat pump compatible and has two 60 amp breakers for heating and blower operation. I live in Missouri and spend 300.00+ a month for electricity so far this winter. I talked to the builder and can upgrade to a heatpump for $ 1,000.00 since he offered to credit me for the regular A/C unit he had installed.
If I choose to do this I can also stage the heat strips for when the unit outside cannot keep up or keep them all coming on at one time to give full heat, but it would be the same as no heat pump if the heat strips were on.

I think I should be able to cut my electric bill in half or close to it unless it is extremely cold out, well I would like to. Is this a good decision and if I do upgrade to a heatpump should I have the heat strips staged for auxillary and emergency heat or just leave them all linked together?

The unit is a 13 seer 3.5 ton heatpump.

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Answer by goodforwho
Ask around where you live, the utility company, Repair people, I live in northern Arkansas, winters are usually mild like this year, Heat pump is OK but that’s in part because the elect. co is city owned.

If you also have natural gas as an alternate heat source, like a fireplace with or without gas logs, the real expense happens when the heat tapes kick in.

You might also inquire if there needed to be duct adjustments made for heat pumps instead of normal forced air furnaces.

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