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Question: why is prison a dream home for killers who torcher their victums to death?

Question by logicmarty: why is prison a dream home for killers who torcher their victums to death?
There are good honest people who are struggling to survive in this world who get much less than convicted robbers and killers who when they get caught get air conditioning in hot summer, heat in the winter, three meals (some hot) a day, free medical care, free exercise areas, free books to read, free roof over their heads, and, I’ll bet, free tv (most likely cable) free u-name-it. If these unhuman things had to live in tents. Killers were executed the same way they killed their victums (and publicly)and had no contact with lawyers (lawyers loss of their income (our tax our money) would make them VERY unhappy. There probably would be a lot less crime in this USA. I am sick of paying my tax money for these less than human species. Do you like paying for someone in prison who raped and murdered your loved one? You are being taxed to help pay for that killers comfort!!!

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Answer by sybil_the_soothsayer
I take it you don’t know about Parchman prison in Mississippi or Angola in Louisiana? Not the luxury digs you think.

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3 Responses to Question: why is prison a dream home for killers who torcher their victums to death?

  1. Professor Longhair

    I’m not disagreeing with your essential point. You can rest a little easier, though, learning the truth about prison conditions: Air conditioning? Are you serious? But I’ll grant that most state prisons have some form of heat in the winter. Free medical care? Alright, then, but considering a person on the streets can die for lack of money for treatment, what do you think they get in prison for free, especially since they are the scum of the earth and no one there particularly cares? If they die by the end of the day, one less body to count, or one more bunk to fill, just as good. Free books? Granted. There are some prisons that actually have a small library. Cable T.V.?! What the….?

    Hollywood movies are not a reliable source of information for all matters. It’s funny how many people beat the drum about luxury prisons, until they lose a loved one to the system. Next thing you know they’re waving the flag for prison reforms.

    Still, there are people in there with little or no redeeming value. Why not let them make a contribution by returning them to the earth? It our haste to get quick revenge, however, we sometimes end up committing what amounts to a judicial homocide.

    Oh, I forgot. They’re ALL innocent, right? In my eleven years experience in the criminal justice system I have met only four who ever claimed to be innocent. Turns out, three of them actually were.

    So, rest more easy. People are living out long stretches in miserable conditions, some of whom would sooner find peace in death than to live that pointless, empty existence. Every day, several times a day, in fact, some inmate(s) will attempt suicide, and some successfully. Be thankful, then, that only by the grace of god it hasn’t happened to somone you know and love, or even to you.

  2. Jill

    Are you sure there is air conditioning in prison? That’s wrong. I agree with a lot of what you say but I don’t believe in capital punishment. I think they should work their a## off 7 days a week for the rest of their life in prison doing something that will be useful to society.

  3. Donut Cop

    Inmates get free meals, room & board, medical, dental, vision, jobs, no bills, free electricity, some get television, free clothes, security protection, lie in bed most the day, get fit, free education all at taxpayers expense…. And a single mother in poverty has none of that barely making a living. Just pisses me off.

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