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Question: Why does my outside exhaust fan keep running even when heating turns off?

Question by : Why does my outside exhaust fan keep running even when heating turns off?
My outside exhaust fan keeps running even when heating turns off. In fact, today, although I have turned off heating all day but in spite of it, my outside exhaust fan has run all day. I am concerned with high electricity costs due to this never-stopping exhaust fan. Please let me know how I can stop running the fan. My home heating and cooling control panel has only two options for fan, that are “on” or “auto” but no “stop”.
I am also questioning what the exhaust fan plays for heating? I have thought that the exhaust fan is needed for only cooling.
Mine furnace is to burn gas.

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Answer by biff
we need more info re type of furnace, gas or electric, oil etc.

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  1. guitarroy

    I am assuming you mean the outdoor condenser fan is running constantly? It means you have a a bad connection somewhere either a furnace board or main line connection trying to make the AC work even when in the off position. Find the AC breaker/fuse and turn it off so it isn’t running then call a HVAC company to come out diagnose and fix the problem.

    What will tend to happen is that fan motor will burn its self out constantly running like that and you will have to replace that to get cooling. Better to fix the minor problem now and save money then to compound the problem.

    Here is some price tendencies for these issues in my area.

    New control board $ 360.-$ 450 to replace
    Outdoor fan motor $ 480-$ 560 to replace
    New Compressor that burns up because of failed fan $ 1300-$ 1500

    Like I said call someone out save yourself a lot money in the long run.

    *these prices are average on what a few well know companies in my area charge that I use to work for.

  2. Kenkeller

    This shouldn’t happen. Just call a HVAC contractor to take a look. It might be just a faulty control panel which doesn’t cost that much to replace.

  3. Alekat

    Only inside house exhaust fans I have seen are: Bathroom for excess moisture and kitchen cooking fans for smoke/moisture/or odor,

    If it has a separate breaker in the fuse panel – trip it off.

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