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Question: Why does my forced air electric heater shut off after a few minutes?

Question by jay: Why does my forced air electric heater shut off after a few minutes?
I have a Bryant forced air heater in my basement. I have to hit the breaker on the unit to get the thing to kick in for heat but it shuts off after a few minutes. Is this the heater thats bad or the thermostat?

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Answer by Jay
If you have to reset the unit’s breaker switch it isn’t simply the thermostat. Like a hairdryer, the breaker switch will kick in if the heating elements become overheated or due to some other malfunction. If the unit has a filter, check to see if it’s clogged up or if the air is being obstructed for some other reason while flowing through the unit.

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4 Responses to Question: Why does my forced air electric heater shut off after a few minutes?

  1. cutemom

    Three months ago i have same problem like you. My friend is electricman. He was check and found that fused was burn and damage. Just replace it and it will use again like before.

  2. Boe

    It could be several things. I would start by replacing the breaker. You may just have a weak, worn out breaker. Youll need the make of the electrical panel (it right on the panel) so when you go to get the replacement breaker it will pop right in. Thats where I would start first.

  3. dude

    it probably is the thermostat, something is causing it to over heat. check your air filter, ill bet it is clogged with dust animal harirs etc. etc. it has to be able to draw in cool air of the floor to function right.some filters you can wash out and some you can blow out , and sometimes you can use a vaccum hose to clean. its probably better to replace it with a new one. i hope this helps.

  4. Peter

    It could be a couple of things. The breaker goes off because the unit is drawing too much electricity for the circuit. It could be the the air system is clogged and needs to be cleaned to let the air pass more easily. Clean or replace any filters and vents. The bearing or motor might be a bit fried. The wiring or circuit might be bad.
    Is this a recent thing…did it ever work properly? Was anything changed at the time this began? The thermostat should not be able to do anything trigger the breaker.

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