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Question: which pipes are the best for underfloor heating?

Question by j2008: which pipes are the best for underfloor heating?
Our house has woodfloor and carpet in some rooms. We would like to install the pipes from the crawl space underneath the flooring. Which pipes would be the best to use. Right now we have electric baseboards…if you have any recommendation on which furnace to use to heat the water, I would like to hear your opinion.


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Answer by XTX
=== there is more info than you can read in a day AT the top right search box on your L-top please enter the following ———– under floor water pipe heating ———- those 5 words and cliq the spy-glass and you have info and purchase sites and suggestions …………. as for the best, in my opinion , use copper tubing for ambient transfer of heat and also the longevity that is gained by the use of copper ……….

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