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Question: Which is cheaper to have gas or electric hot water heater?

Question by anjoylus19: Which is cheaper to have gas or electric hot water heater?
Just brought an older home with an outdated hot water heater in it-it along with my furnace are both gas. Got my first gas bill which was out of this world. Wanted to know if i should replace with a new gas or new electric heater?

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Answer by Benedict V Z
It depends on several things. The price of electric in your area,the amount of hot water you use etc. I believe that a gas heater is more efficient, heats water faster.

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9 Responses to Question: Which is cheaper to have gas or electric hot water heater?

  1. }}}~~~~>

    Gas is nearly always cheaper, get one with a high energy efficiency rating. Tankless water heaters seem like a great idea, but the instantaneous loads on the electrical system are just crazy and will put most houses into a larger electrical service size $ 2300-3500 would not be uncommon for the electrical wiring costs alone, plus the cost of the unit, plus the cost of the plumbing. Making sure you have a 90% furnace and proper sealing and insulation would have a much quicker payoff.

  2. gizmoe

    The only way that electric would be cheaper is if you were on some electrical program where they gave you a cheaper rate because you allow them to turn off power to it during peak hours!

  3. John M

    Look very closely at the new on-demand water heaters (not hot water heater).

    They’re more expensive, but only use the fuel (whether gas or electricity) when the hot water is turned on. I’ve saved an average of 40 bucks a month on my gas bill.

    I like gas simply because if the power goes out, I still have hot, running water.

  4. lee s

    If your stove/range is gas as your furnace, I would suggest sticking to gas. Shop around for the most efficient w/h you can find, maybe think of replacing the stove if gas also. If you decide upon an electric w/h, you will need an licensed electrician to add a 220 outlet in addition to the licensed installation of the w/h. Some places require a permit for the replacement of a w/h.

    As you mentioned, it is an older home. Weather proofing the home will help considerably. Add insulation in the attic areas, if your windows and doors are original, you may want to consider replacing them soon.

  5. RICH @www.hvac-for-beginners.com

    It depends on your local utility rates. The best thing to do is to replace it with a tankless unit. For more info, check out my source.

  6. norcaljohnnyb

    electricity is cheaper BUT since it would require the water heater to run longer to heat up being gas heats up alot faster i would go with gas. and which is the standard in the building field.

  7. Jodie B

    Gas is expensive, especially right now. You have to pay for the “refills” and it’s not cheap. Yes, your water will heat up faster, but you will be putting more out from your wallet.

    I would recommend an electric water heater. There are one’s out there right now that have continuous heat which actually will save you on electricity because the water heater doesn’t have to work as hard to get you hot water. Or you can get a traditional water heater with a cover that sits over it and helps retain heat.

    Check out http://www.lowes.com

    There is a lot of helpful information there for you.

  8. Vinod N

    To me both are expensive. I think electric will work little cheaper than gas.

  9. Rhonda

    gas or propane is always cheaper than electric.

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