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Question: what is the Furnace control board cost?

Question by shah: what is the Furnace control board cost?
I have Bryant furnace model number 245MAV024040 , its GAS and mfg. yr was 1999
something heppned and my control board just burnt Need to replace it

can any one tell me how much it cost?
where to get it and how to fit it ?
I don’t mind 300-400 card but the repairman gave me 810+hst…!!!! which is 900… can
MY BE serial Number helps
Serial Number 2999A03823

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Answer by William B
most run around $ 300, to $ 400
sounds like you need a qualified repair man, to check it out, or you will burn up another card,

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4 Responses to Question: what is the Furnace control board cost?

  1. Boe

    Nothing like highway robbery! Anyway, what you need to do it look at the board you have in the unit, On the board itself is the Part number of the board. Get that number off the board and that what you need to look up. It going to be a long number. Probably starting with CES or HH or HK. Not to get your hope up too high but your look at a low side of 35 bucks all the to 200 depending on the board PN#. But no far cry of 900 Bucks.
    What that tells me and Im guessing is there is a 300% mark up on the part. So if the part cost the repair main say 140 it should be to you installed around 400ish.
    Get the PN# off the board itself, you may find the PN# has been superceded by a new part number. That ok as long at it has the original PN# listed showing the updated PN#.
    Make sure the 3amp fuse is not blown, before you go waist your money. The fuse is located on the board. it looks just like an automotive fuse. If its blown and you cant locate a 3amp fuse, stick a 5 amp in there you’ll be fine. By the way they are not hard to change yourself if you can match up wires and what not its pretty straight forward.

  2. R. S.

    bigdaddy is right, also, check board, some models have a small.fuse looks like a car fuse they they burn out. if,yes just replace it. should work. also, if problem is fix. be sure to cycle system. cool mode for 5 mins./ then heat mode for 5 mins. turn off than set where you prefer.

  3. bigdaddy

    if your mean$ 300 for a circuit board that is rediculous. is this just a gas upflow furnace? i dont know all the model numbers but a circuit board is about $ 150-200 and that is doubling the wholesale price then labor on top of that. doesnt take long to change board but they need to find what burnt the board. something must have shorted and overloaded it. but then again im not sure what 810hst is

  4. SolidAxle

    I can’t find your model number at the Bryant website. Check to make sure the model number is correct.


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