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Question: What is cheaper, central heat or turning the oven on?

Question by Joy W: What is cheaper, central heat or turning the oven on?
I have a 2 story townhome. If I run the central heating unit, it is too hot upstairs and not hot enough downstairs. I usually turn the oven on about 300 degrees for about 2 hours. That seems to warm up the downstairs fine. I have the thermostat set on 70. Is it cheaper to turn the oven on for about 2 or 3 hours, or turn the thermostat up higher?

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Answer by foobarstinky77
it would be better to get the air circulating between both floors , to even out the temperatures top to bottom in your house. you have to provide a cold air return to the heating unit, assuming you have forced air heating.

as for heating with the stove, among many things i assume it is an electric stove. but, how is the home heated? electric, gas, oil? it would partly depend of the price of these various fuels and the efficiency of the heater.

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6 Responses to Question: What is cheaper, central heat or turning the oven on?

  1. Marc

    Close the upstairs vents and turn on the central heat. You can also use space heaters to suppliment. Running an oven to warm your house is not only risky, but foolish.

  2. crumbygreens

    Shut the vents upstairs, or get a ceiling fan that can be run in both directions. In the summer you can pull the air up, and in the winter you can push the hot air down.

  3. William B

    shut the vents in the upstairs run the furnace ,

  4. Helen M

    usually the oven uses more amps than your central heat in turn using more power.

  5. caprice979

    central heat because its cheaper not to burn the house down 🙂

  6. B T

    Hi Joy! The oven and the refrigerator are the most expensive appliances that you run in the house. To warm the “cold” spots in my house, I use a small fan/heater that I bought at walmart for $ 10 and it heats a room very quickly!

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