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Question: what is best insulation for 2×6 walls?

Question by ozniwellman: what is best insulation for 2×6 walls?
There is blow in insulation and there is kind you get from hardware store which would be best?

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Answer by BobBy In NH
I like R-30 faced fiberglass. I would only use blown in if your not going to expose the inside of the wall. The reason I don’t like blown in is because it settles over time thus leaving a gap exposed at the top.

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  1. J

    High density R-21 is the most you can get into a 2×6 stud bay (the wrapper label will read R-21HD) unless you want to use 5-1/2″ poly-iso rigid foam board. R-21 is the best option when you consider that poly-iso board is usually five or more times the price of formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation. Used faced bats if it is an exterior wall you do not intend to seal with painted drywall, or a plastic vapor barrier.

    The blow in products are better for use in ceilings and they are superior sound insulators than the fiberglass materials. Blowing into walls would present an ill-equipped novice with an unnecessary challenge, resulting in wasted time and money. Just install bats.

    R-30, as mentioned by a different contributer is intended for use in 2×10’s or 2×12 rafters where an air gap is required for ventilation. It would be inefficient to use in your 2×6 walls.

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