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Question: what can you tell me about tankless hot water heaters?

Question by Joyce: what can you tell me about tankless hot water heaters?
I am trying to see what tankless hot water heaters run in cost,how they work, and the instalation or the system

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Answer by gas man
very long story short,,don’t buy one

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  1. badbender001

    I was looking into them as well. If you have a single family house a tank-less water heater that puts out around 8 gallons a minutes seems to work best.

    A regular water heater stores water in a tank and constantly heats it up, all day long, until you use it. This wastes money when no one is using it. A tank-less works like a radiator and only heats the water when it detects water demand on the hot water line. When the demand stops the water heater turns off and does not use energy.

    If you can get it get the gas powered version. The electric version uses allot of power and may require and expensive electrical panel upgrade just to cover the load demands.

    The most reliable brand I have seen is Rinnai. They have been working in Japan for years and have done well in California.

    When you hire a plumber to install one make sure they have experience doing this work. Some plumbers improperly size the gas line and/or water line and that can lead to problems. Make sure the contractor is licensed and bonded.

  2. Pat

    Try this site to give you example, foreverhotwater.com this may hep you in the short run.
    They are initially expensive to buy and install but they do last for years and are very efficient but it does take a while to save the real money you are saving in power as far as the initial cost of having one installed.
    Lowe”s Menard”s Home Depot all have them a far as that goes this site will give you basic info tho.

  3. Just guessing

    I first used a tankless system in 1966 in an apartment in Germany. No problems and never ran out of hot water. I lived there for two years. Long term, you’re going to save a lot of money. Hire someone that has been installing them for a long time.

  4. roberto

    they are great but the start up cost is enormous.you never run out of hot water; 65

  5. sensible_man

    Although they are energy efficient, it will take around five years to recoup the initial costs of purchasing and installing one. If you have hard water, or lots of minerals in your water, they will clog easily since the tubing in them is small. Many Plumbers that install them, do not do maintenance or repairs on them since they are “state of the art” units.

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