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Question: Ways to build a totally green home?

Question by Ride Like The Wind: Ways to build a totally green home?
In the future, I’m determined to build a completely environmentally friendly house, and besides these, are there any other ways to build it ‘green’?

Using non-toxic non-VOC paints and finishes
Using sustainable harvested, FSC certified hardwood, or bamboo
Using recycled materials, like recycled plastic bottle carpeting
Using non-VOC glues and adhesives
Buying eco-friendly furniture and decorations, or buying furniture and decorations that will last a long time, so they don’t have to be reproduced
Using energy-efficient lighting
Installing Energy Star rated appliances
Maximizing natural lighting
Using native plants, and drought resistant landscaping (zeroscaping)
Planting native trees
Reusing waste in order to create compost
Using a recycled or eco-friendly insulation, such as denim or soy

Any others that I missed?

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Answer by futurebird@rocketmail.com
One of the most important factors is where you build the home– will you have access to public transportation or will you need a car? Can you walk to the grocery store and the green market– or will you need to drive?

Another factor is size– smaller homes use less energy– they take less energy to heat and cool and use less materials to build. Multifamily homes are even better.

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  2. ethikally

    Use human waste to insulate

  3. Michael M

    get solar panels

  4. Michael A

    You could also consider microgeneration techniques, if you’re building it yourself. Solar panels on the roof, a ground heat pump and such. Solar roof tiles aren’t actually that much more expensive that regular tiles (i.e. you don’t place panels on your existing roof, but the roof itself is a giant solar panel).

    You could also consider a grey water system for sewage.

  5. Julie J

    Using adobe walls and straw bale insulation
    instead of grass plant a garden
    rain barrels linked
    solar panels

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