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Question: Upon telling my 4-year-old that the insulation aisle at Home Depot was actually the Cotton Candy aisle…?

Question by ompelle: Upon telling my 4-year-old that the insulation aisle at Home Depot was actually the Cotton Candy aisle…?
… her pupils dilated to the size of nickles. How do I get her to stop wandering into our partially redone bathroom and eating the Owens Corning?
Yes, she’s 4 now. shut up.

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Answer by ♥Idon’tknowanymore♥
LOL . . .proving there are some things you should not lie about.

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18 Responses to Question: Upon telling my 4-year-old that the insulation aisle at Home Depot was actually the Cotton Candy aisle…?

  1. Pocket Protectorate

    And Asbestos are the sprinklings…

  2. MrM as Babby ALIEN

    What’s wrong with a little more fiber in her diet?
    I eat FiberOne’s, that’s made out of insulation isn’t it?

  3. Lacking Creativity C.O.S.

    Think of all the uses…. Food, Clothes, Sound proofing the attic where she lives. As far as going in your room you should set-up an invisible fence inside and get her a few different color collars. ya know so she can accessorize.

  4. Ƥouту тuвlєt of Smαll тhɨɳgs™

    I think you should stuff her pillow with the “cotton candy”, too….so she can have sweet dreams while she’s drifting off into the next world.


  5. Dave K acrimonious depravity

    I used to tell my laborers that if they carried a wad of it in their pockets it would polish all of their money. Heeheehee.

  6. Rocky ♥'s Peace On Earth

    Think of the dental bills you’re saving by her not having the sugary kind.

  7. Happy Little Trees

    Replace it with the Pink Panther stuff..oh wait, that isn’t helping.

  8. but skratchuh

    she’ll figure it out on her own.

    You made me wanna throw up, imagining what is would feel like chewing and swallowing that stuff!!!!

  9. - revenginator -

    You can’t stop her once you’ve unleashed the beast, so to speak. You can only hope to control it, kind of like herpes. I’d just let her get her fill now so that she’ll be less interested later. However, she’ll always have the cravings. I’m so very sorry.

  10. ñåÐå vðñ †ê§§ê

    So she’s finally 4! I was wondering, b/c she’s been 3 for about 5 years now. I made my little girls Easter dress out of insulation last year, it was beautiful

  11. Kevin, the adorable one

    after her first insulation vomit, she will stop on her own… but if she does not throw up, you will not have to buy her warm clothes for the winter.

  12. Jimmy d. - Floridian~``

    Child Abuse Report on file!

  13. cel's giant beaver is fat

    I don’t understand why you’d want to stop her from eating it. Is that a problem?

  14. 2-Dogs Nuetered

    Ball & Chain

    tied to the washing machine

  15. lace

    well, let her find out for herself. there’s always a first time for everything. besides, leave her alone, what makes her happy should make you happy, right?

  16. Freaky

    Why would you even want to stop her? Now that you don’t have to kill any time feeding her lunch, you can do more important things. Like this.

  17. crazy4harry

    tell her its not cotton candy. say that you made a mistake. or say that they are two diffrent things (the home depot and bathroom)

  18. Dashing Geek

    I would rent her out to those asbestos removal contractors.

    <—does not want you to have to pay for college, esp. when you can score big on a mesothelioma lawsuit. Cha ching!

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