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Question: tower fans to cool my bedroom?

Question by jenjen_o1: tower fans to cool my bedroom?
i need some some advice. i am looking at tower fans for my bed room.here are the brands i have to chose from.
2omega altise
so the key thing is that it has to be one that will last for years to come.
and witch one out of those has the best air flow.so they are the key things so please tell me with one out of them you recomend.i will vote best answer so please take time to answer this question.

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Answer by Roxanne
I don’t know the brands you have listed, but if any are on display and can be tried out. That will help make your decision. Depending on the power and how strong a breeze they give off. I found some tower fans aren’t very strong. I have two 12″ fans-metal that have the name Lakewood and Massey on the front of them and am very satisfied. They have great power and can be set at Low, Medium and High. Hope this helps.

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  1. Allergic To Eggs

    go for a name brand like honeywell

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