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Question: Should I get one of those tankless water heaters for a new home?

Question by : Should I get one of those tankless water heaters for a new home?
I am getting ready to start construction on a new lake home. Should I get one of those new tankless heaters or the traditional one?

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We got one the last time our water heater went out (seven years ago). We have never regretted it. We never run out of hot water, and our electric bill is lower.

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5 Responses to Question: Should I get one of those tankless water heaters for a new home?

  1. steve

    honestly they dont save much money like people may say but they are great. The biggest complaint that i have recieved is when first running the water (example: morning for a shower) it takes a couple minutes to heat up but once it does it doesnt ever run out. They are easily maintained and occupy less space. Now it also depends on what type of heat you have. If you have a boiler you may want to consider getting a super store water tank and heating the water from your boiler. anyway id say go for the tankless if your chosing between conventional and tankless.

  2. Steve D

    I recommend that you do but you need to make sure it can handle the volume you will be using. The advantage in them is two fold. You don’t run out of hot water at some point if they are good and meant to handle the flow. They are also more cost efficient and very green friendly. But you have to get one big enough and with good supply power.
    I could not use one because It was a retrofit and a good one needed a 220 line and could not afford that. The one rated for 120 just would not handle the volume. But I’ve seen them work and since your are dong a new build and not a replacement then I would do it.
    I would also tell a friend the same.

  3. Troy

    Will you have gas available or is it electric only? Gas models are efficient and desirable, but the electric models are not as efficient. If you have gas available, I would definitely go tankless.

  4. John M

    A home you are only using part time? Makes a lot of sense in that application. But installing them is a tankless job. 😉


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