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Question: Radiant / Hydronic floor heating system: Flushing it?

Question by JamesSmith1979: Radiant / Hydronic floor heating system: Flushing it?
How do you flush the radiant floor heating system?

I have a 17 years old house 6000 sq ft, with six zone radiant heating. the room farthest away, my daughter’s bedroom remains cold, and I was told that I need to flush it.



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Answer by Ron G
The problem here is that it may be airlocked and require the flushing. You may be able to do this with the valving of the system like it is. There may be a valve to shut on the return side with a spigot that you can open to enable the fill valve to bleed through the main system to flush the air pocket out. Or….the electromechanical valve that controls the waterflow is stuck or inoperative. You can check this by turning up the thermostat and watching the valve to see if it operates. If it does and the boiler fires and the circulator pump starts it still may be stuck in the closed position. In the end it may be worth a service call to a pro to get this tracked down. Hope this helps.

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