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Question: Part of my bedroom ceiling (Fri) collapsed on me while getting ready 4 work. Who’s responsible?

Question by Mapple: Part of my bedroom ceiling (Fri) collapsed on me while getting ready 4 work. Who’s responsible?
The night before this about 10:00 pm (Thurs) I came home to a leaky bedroom ceiling over my Radiator that was shaking from all steam pressure and spewing out water also. So I carefully put pans under where the three (3) leaks were in the celing, and figured it would eventually stop so I could let the Super know about it in the morning. I had to empty each pan a few times in the night as they filled. By the Morning it had just about stopped, so to be on the safe side I emptied all the pans once more and lay down old towels just in case it started again. When I was bending down to put the last pan down on the floor all I heard was <>. I looked up the and saw the paint stretching so turned my face, but because I was bending down I couldn’t move out the way fast enough. I hit me on my Head, Neck, Back, and Shoulder. It knocked me to my knees I was dizzy & in so much pain that I had to go to Emergency Room. Nothing broken (thank God) but they said all my muscle’s we’re im Spasm. They had to give me Morphine, a Valium Pill (to take home), and a prescription for a Muscle Relaxer. I went to Primary doctor Tues and she said they my muscle’s are still in Spasm, so she gave me a stronger pain/muscle relaxer. She said try it for a week, then If I still feel the same she will consider other treatments like therapy. I am still in pain and know I’ll be going back her on this coming Tues. This been leaking on and off for years weakening the ceiling and rotting wood floor. Since we have be having trouble with the Management Office and the Co-op Board within the last 2 years about not have heat and hot water it has gotten worse. What they do is to save oil is they turn the heat down, but turn the steam pressure up. This causes excess water to collect and spew out the Radiator and it’s internal piping. That’s is where the water is coming out from in the Apartment above me.
The Monday before all this the steam pipe in the Apartment below me burst and steam filled up 6 floors. It looked like there was a fire with all the smokey steam in the hallways. Again the is them trying to over compesate for the Actual heat that we are Not getting. Let me know whom is accountable. Thank you.

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Answer by Care for Others
Certainly not you-the owner of this building. That is so unsafe and dangerous! Its amazing you got out alive. I wish you the best. If your furniture, clothes, belongings were damaged-you could sue to be re-imbursed.

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  1. ♥BeLLa♥

    Take pictures!!! Keep copies of ALL of your doctor bills, take pictures of any damage to your home and body. If your land lord doesn’t fix this by next week take them to small claims court!!!

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