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Question: My dryer is blowing cold air. can i just go to home depot and get a heating elemant or do i need to call a plu

Question by brian: My dryer is blowing cold air. can i just go to home depot and get a heating elemant or do i need to call a plu
can i just go to home depot and get a new heating element or do i need to hire a plumber/electritian
thanks in advance for all answers

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Answer by mightyone79072
You can replace it yourself. Its not that hard. When you get your new one, open the back of your dryer and just remember how you took the old one off and replace it with the new one. I have done it several of times to my dryer and after i replace the old with the new, it works like a charm. Hope you get your dryer fixed. Good luck.

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6 Responses to Question: My dryer is blowing cold air. can i just go to home depot and get a heating elemant or do i need to call a plu

  1. country boy

    it is usually never a bad heating element if it is an electric dryer check the plug that you have 120 volts on both sides if you do then depending on which kind of dryer you have there is a thermal fuse or safty stat that has blown find them jump wires together if dryer then heats replace therostat and thermal fuse or safty stat

  2. Uncle Johnny
  3. Mike T

    Don’t be so quick to think that it is something like the heating element. Electric Dryers use lots of electricty and are usually on 220 breakers. I’ve had my dryer go cold lots of times and it’s a simple fix. I just go down and flip off the breaker and wait a few seconds and flip it back on and the problem is solved: I’ve got heat once again.

    It could also be your dryer hose vent is clogged or the hose it’s self is clogged. If you know where your dryer vent exits to the outside there should be some sort of plastic vent with a mesh screen to keep the bugs out of coming into your dryer hose. At times, lint clogs this screen and you just need to take it off the exhaust housing and slap it a few times and the lint usually falls right off and you’ll have heat once again. It could also be a clogged hose. pull your dryer away from the wall disconnect the hose and peek inside and see what it looks like. If it’s full of lint you can get sections of new dryer hose for about $ 5 and it takes about 10 minutes to replace with a pair of pliers.

    It could also be a combination of both of these. Bottom line is that it is probably not something like the heating element but rather something simple. For the amount of a new heating element and the trouble invloved in replacing it, dryers are fairly inexpensive ($ 250-$ 350) and it might be worth it to just buy a new one.

  4. DJH

    Brian, you didn’t say if it was gas or electric, or if you simply have it set to air fluff instead of heated drying. Repairing appliances isn’t rocket science, but unless you know why yours is blowing cold air, you are better off paying a repairman or buying a new appliance.

    Electric heating elements are easy to replace, gas burners are a bit more complicated. Electronically controlled dryers have a ton of sensors for temperature, humidity level, etc.

  5. David B

    Call Home Depot and/or Lowe’s and ask if they carry the part for your particular appliance. Have the manufacture’s model number handy. If they do, you’re in business.

    Otherwise, yourbest bet is to look up the appliance at the manufacturer’s web site to order parts from them.

  6. applpro

    Newer dryers are more complicated that dryers built 10 yrs ago. They all have thermal fuses, in addition to the thermostats, that could blow & cause a no-heat condition. If you don’t know how to find & test these parts, you’re better off calling an appliance servicer.

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