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Question: Is Palin a socialist?

Question by beren: Is Palin a socialist?
If you look at the $ 1200 check that Palin gave to every Alaska resident, it sure seems fishy to me. This money came from oil company profits. Where did this money come from? You and me, it came from everybody in the lower 48 every time we fill up our gas tank or buy oil to heat our homes. It appears that the oil companies are just middle men in this scheme to take money from the rest of the US and distribute it to the people of Alaska. Is this socialism or is it just common stealing?

If you look at other parts of her energy plan in Alaska, it also looks like socialism.

“The utility assistance program is called Power Cost Equalization, or PCE, and it helps subsidize those paying between 12 cents per kilowatt hour and $ 1 per kwh. The $ 1 cap will replace the current ceiling of 52.5 cents per kwh.

What this means is, if a resident pays 70 cents per kwh, the state will cover 95 percent of the difference between the 12-cent base rate and the 70-cent cost.”


Why is the government paying for the people of Alaska’s energy bill? They need to stop depending on the nanny state that Palin is creating and pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

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Answer by itsme6922
Palin is a moron…..

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2 Responses to Question: Is Palin a socialist?

  1. Captain Starkiller

    No she is not.

  2. Casey

    Palin didn’t give that money to the citizens of Alaska. Just as Jon Corzine doesn’t give my Property Tax Rebate. It comes from the State. Alaska makes a profit from it’s oil and that money belongs to the citizens of Alaska. Many states can do the same but they won’t allow oil drilling.

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