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Question: Is it worth adding more insulation to my attic?

Question by Haunty: Is it worth adding more insulation to my attic?
I live in Minnesota, and have 6-8 inches of blown-in insulation in my attic. I looked around various sites trying to find out what R-value that would come out to, and it seemed like it was the bare minimum I should have. Having an oil fueled furnace, it is expensive to heat my home, so I am looking for the best ways to improve efficiency.

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Answer by Joyce T
If during the winter, you still have snow on your roof, you’re probably ok. If not, you’ve got heat leaking through.

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  1. home-energy-adviser.com

    Most definitely! Add another 6 to 9 inches to the attic floor and you should notice a big difference in your heating bill.

    Be careful not to block your existing attic ventilation when you add the insulation.

    Ideally there will be vents in the soffits (the underside of the roof overhang) and vents at the ridge or at the gable ends of the attic.

    Visit http://www.home-energy-adviser.com/home-insulation.html to learn about the different types of insulation.

  2. gov. of, by and for corporations

    Most of the heat loss in a home does not go out windows or doors but up and out through the attic. Adding more insulation to the attic is always a good idea.

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