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Question: Is burning wood cleaner than burning home heating oil?

Question by beutifulblacrose: Is burning wood cleaner than burning home heating oil?
I’ve read the things about saying international logging is bad and more tree are cut than actually grown, but I’m not talking about buying firewood or cutting down live trees. I’m talking about cutting dead fallen trees and branches and burning it in my wood burning stove to heat my house. We also have an oil burner which is very very old, and probably very inefficient. So Is burning wood better? And does it actually burn cleaner??
**Also, I read that burning wood produces the same amount of co2 emissions as rotting, would. And wood would naturally burn or rot eventually in nature. Unlike oil, which burning doesn’t occur naturally.

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Answer by kevin
No wood would smoke a lot more

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5 Responses to Question: Is burning wood cleaner than burning home heating oil?

  1. thor

    Cleaner how? Leaves and saw dust are brought into the house with each armload of firewood. Pumping oil into a tank is almost always very clean. Wood burning in my old kitchen stove burns hot and fast because all the air leaking in, but it’s inefficient since so much air comes in, mixes with the hot gasses and sends it all up the chimney before it can heat the top of the stove. A new wood stove can be very efficient at burning wood- just the right amount of air is allowed in to completely burn the wood. Ash is going to be produced by burning wood unlike by burning oil. A new clean burning stove burning dry hardwood will not send any smoke up the chimney, much like an oil furnace. CO2 from wood is CO2 that recently came from the atmosphere while CO2 from oil is CO2 that has been out of circulation for millions of years.

  2. Steve

    Some cities have banned woodstoves. I think Seattle did. I think a woodstove is best for rural areas.

  3. Sydney


  4. Vulcan

    No – unfortunately wood is pretty dirty stuff. Mostly it’s the way it’s burned – not hot enough to burn up it’s pollutants.

    It’s nice heat though – I have a wood stove I use when it gets really cold.

  5. Steve N

    Wood is smoky when it burns but cleaner, Oil is still a fuel. A fireplace can’t really replace your houses heat source, a wood burning stove might so you can try it. As far as the Oil burner, those are supposed to be maintained yearly. A well maintained Oil burner can be very efficient.

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