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Question: I have installed some extra Radiators in my house?

Question by Genius: I have installed some extra Radiators in my house?
and connected them from the closest radiator to them, now I realise these new radiators do not heat up much, the original radiator from where I made the connection, flow and return heats up ok. (Indirect heating system)

What can be the potential reasons for this.

Do I require a better pump, I have realised the hot water return is slower- possibly due to poor pressure?

Any thoughts what I can do?

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Answer by daileyent
Typically the same pump is used, with minor differences to heat most systems from a boiler. If some of the radiators are heating, the pump is not the problem. Did you completely bleed the air from the system? Air in the system will block or greatly reduce water flow and heat transfer. Try bleeding each radiator indepently, or bleeding the entire system.


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3 Responses to Question: I have installed some extra Radiators in my house?

  1. cowboydoc

    Did you connect them properly and then bleed them? you have to go in from the entry side with one pipe and out the exit side with another pipe to join the next radiator. Then bleed the radiators.

  2. handy man

    If you put in some cast iron radiators as I just did, you have to bleed the air from each radiator. There is a bleeder valve on the top on one end of each radiator. They are small and usually have a screw that you loosen to let out the air.

  3. Ed z

    Sounds like you hooked them up in parallel to the original radiator. They should have been hooked up in series.

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