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Question: I don’t think The Heat’s losses at home during these playoffs are legit?

Question by : I don’t think The Heat’s losses at home during these playoffs are legit?
Correct me if Im wrong, The Heat have lost 2 playoff games at home to the Pacers and Celtics. That Pacer’s game was the first game without Bosh and had to make adjustments on the fly. Even with that, we should of won that game if it weren’t for Wade missing an uncontested layup and LeBron missing so many FTs in the closing minutes. In the Celtics game, again its like we didnt have Bosh in the 4th quarter. COach spoelstra should of put in Bosh and give us some inside presence but he did not. In othe words, we were not at our full potential at home now we are, we are going to Beast out OKC! thoughts?
@tp9 – yea but not if bosh were there
@ Dan – We better be loud to give that home-court advantage.

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Answer by TP9™
They got out played in game 5 vs celtics

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7 Responses to Question: I don’t think The Heat’s losses at home during these playoffs are legit?

  1. STEVE

    Please. Almost every team was hit by some sort of injury. Three players tore their ACL in the 1st weekend of the playoffs.

    No Bosh = No excuse.

  2. Eddie

    home court advantage goes out the window in the playoffs, so in other words, a championship team has usually and not in all cases but usually has to win on the road and if the Heat win it all this year is because they won on the road and if the Thunder win the championship then they will have to win on the road.

    As fas as players missing, the Heat are undersize anyway and with Bosh out it made them really undersize and if it was not for James and Wade great plays then I kinda surprise the beat the Pacers because they are a big team. As far as the Celtics, we saw why the Heat loss those games because Garnett just hang around the basket because he did not have to respect Joel or Haslem and Haslem is a player that can get hot but he did not in the Celtics series and that is why when Bosh came back full it was a different story.

    In any case, if the Heat are going to beat the Thunder they have to do one major thing and that is keep the Thunder for scoring in bunches. This team kinda like the Bulls with Rose can score a bunch of points in a short period of time and that is why they have their success of coming back in games their whole playoff beginning with Dallas and contiues with the Lakers and the Spurs and even with both games of the Heat series they came back in both games. If the Heat can control those spurts then I like their chances but no team so far show us so far that they can control those Thunders scoring bunches.

  3. Andy

    We’ll see. I think the Heat really want this bad and they take of business at home in five. Mavs fan here.

  4. San Francisco Warriors

    The Heat are winning at home, but don’t be surprised if the Thunder steal one home game from the Heat.

  5. LeBron Fan™ Wants Rings

    Heat 2012 Champs.

  6. Who Would Win ™ I'm GOAT

    I just cant see them winning 4 straight.

  7. dan

    thats what i’ve been saying, the heat’s home record is very decieving considering that wade and bosh and lebron have each been out of games through out the season including the last several home games. they are the best home team. The heat are undefeated at home in the post-season with a healthy chris bosh. i really think the heat can put the thunder away. we should hav won game 1 but our defense broke down in the fourth. i really dont think the thunder are capable of a comeback in american airlines arena. they’re gonna be really loud there tomorrow.

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