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Question: I can’t bury my mobile home water pipes! How should I insulate them so they don’t freeze?

Question by : I can’t bury my mobile home water pipes! How should I insulate them so they don’t freeze?
I’ve been living in this mobile home for 3 years and the pipes have always been exposed above ground running from the well/water pump to the trailer. This is because the ground below the water pipes is solid rock. I was wondering what would be the best way to insulate these pipes to keep them from freezing every winter. We just built a new pump house around the well/pump also and this hasn’t been insulated either. Any suggestions on the best way to insulate that and keep it nice and warm during the winter? Thanks so much!!

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Answer by William B
put a heat tape on them wrap with insulation,
heat tape goes on the bottom of pipe not around it,

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5 Responses to Question: I can’t bury my mobile home water pipes! How should I insulate them so they don’t freeze?

  1. Dr. Spark

    Other than the normal tube insulators no. But I do advise during these times that you keep a water tap on trickle. Moving water cant freeze so if you keep water flowing then …..yada…..yada…lol

  2. Darren

    buy and heat strip that is made intentionally for pipes and then overlay it with insulated tape, and use duct tape to hold that down and then cover it with clear silicone sealer, works great for me

  3. gooch_08831

    You didn’t mention what state you live in. In the south, insulate the pipes with insulation you can buy at Home Depot or a plumbing supply. In the North wrap the pipe with a low voltage electric water pipe wrap. If the temperature is low the thermostate will make the electric tape and keep the pipes from freezing. Plumbers are starting to use pex vinal pipe that is cheaper to install and expands with cold temperatures, (so no cracked pipes.) But remember, nothing beats proper pipe insulation and double insulation. I had a house in Penn. that was so cold that I wrapped the main water pipe in a crawel space with a bed mattress. Keep a lot of extra pipes, soldier, and tools available. Good Luck.

  4. elhigh

    The other two guys are spot-on with their answers.

    So you know, you can find heat tapes at places like Home Depot and Lowe’s in the plumbing section. Anyone working the aisle will be able to point you in the right direction.

    When applying heat tape, do a decent job of it. The tape doesn’t need to wind around the pipe, just lie close against it. Wrap the heat tape with duct tape to ensure close contact. Spiral wrap the duct tape all up and down the heat tape so it holds the entire length in contact and you get the full benefit.

    Then apply pipe insulation. For a region as cold as North Dakota (a different answerer mentioned it), I’d use two layers of pipe insulation just for extra insurance. Cheaper than a call to a plumber, right?

    If your temps get above freezing during the day, put the heat tape on a timer so it’s off during the day. Save a few bucks that way.

  5. michael o

    there are different styles of heat tapes you can use, then wrap the pipe and heat-tape together with a fiberglass insulation. plug in the heat-tape, and you are good to go. the tape goes along side the pipe, and insulation goes aroud the pipe, coverng it completely.

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