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Question: How to sound-proof a bedroom for cheap?

Question by malgorzata: How to sound-proof a bedroom for cheap?
My apartment complex was built in the 1920s and the floorboards upstairs creak like crazy when my neighbor gets up at 4am for work (and I can hear him snore)! I have drop panel ceilings and was wondering if I can stuff pink insulation in between the two ceilings. There is a light fixture in the middle of the ceiling, would it be safe if I leave space around it and the insulation or would it be a fire hazard? Are there any super cheap safe ways to do it?

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Answer by Scott D
Move the headboard away from the wall. lol

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6 Responses to Question: How to sound-proof a bedroom for cheap?

  1. Ted W

    No simple answer. The ceiling tiles are well known to simply cut down on echo, not soundproof. Insulation above will do little, I’m afraid.

    Certainly egg cartons and other methods will no almost zero.

    The #1 think you would need is mass. Heavy panels like drywall. Nothing cheap will work.

    Best suggestion is to talk to landlord and / or earplugs.

  2. bedrock1964

    Yes .i have rentals and if you take insulation no bigger than 3 or 4 inches it will work.Also you must stay 6 inches away from Light fixtures.The best way to kill sound is to have air space between the insulation and the actual ceiling. that way the vibration wont transfer thru to your tiles

  3. oil field trash

    Trust me the only thing that will really work is a set of good ear plugs. Get the wax ones that conform to your ear. Anything else you try will just be wishful thinking.

  4. Jrbott

    You may try building a canape over your bed using thick curtain type material. Just build a jury rig type structure using blankets to see if it works. If it does then get creative to make it pretty. They sell sound panels that you could attach to the ceiling above the drop ceiling but they are not cheap. I don’t know if the pink insulation is much of a sound barrier but if you do use it get the stuff without the paper so there won’t be a fire hazard.

  5. luvthatbabyofmine

    can you talk to the landlord?

  6. Vincent

    Go to a local McDonald’s and just ask or take a bunch of those cardboard crate’s that hold the drinks and staple them to your walls..it should then sound proof your environment and cost nothing..

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