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Question: How much heating oil should an average house use?

Question by Jeff C: How much heating oil should an average house use?
Located in southern Connecticut with a oil hot water tank and oil hot water baseboard, 2500 sqf house. Appearantly the oil company delivered oil 12 days ago and the tank is reading just above half full. How could we use approximately 125 gallons in less than two weeks?

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Answer by jasontabler
My mom was spending 425 a month last year in a 1800 sq ft house at 2.59 a gallon (164 gallons). It was a house from 1950. She kept the temp at 68 degrees.

Major problems:

Old Windows
Brick with poor insulation

It was even a new oil furnace! Oil is just the most expensive way to heat right now. The cost to switch to propane or gas is probably cheaper than the oil payment after just a couple of years. If you are renting – move!

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  1. insp99999

    There are too many variables to say what your house should use,but there are very likely lots of air leaks, and possibly too little insulation, and likely some other issues that should be remedied. Call in an Energy Auditor to perform a full home audit. You will learn a Ton of information. If you’re a D-I-Yer you can do a lot of repairs yourself to save somewhere between 15 & 50% on your energy costs. The service is well worth the cost.

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