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Question: how much does it cost to foam insulate interior walls of an average home?

Question by longtreebeard: how much does it cost to foam insulate interior walls of an average home?
i got a home for free but this home is over 100 years old and in poor shape but still free

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Answer by luna
I don’t know about walls, but we did the floor of our attic a few years ago and it was around $ 1,000. It made a huge difference in how warm the second floor was. Our walls weren’t insulated either, just cinder block with plaster over them.

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2 Responses to Question: how much does it cost to foam insulate interior walls of an average home?

  1. roverdisc1

    Unless you misunderstand what and interior wall is, insulating interior walls in older homes is a waste of time and money. Interior walls are really just room dividers and your return on investment will be a lifetime.

    If you really mean the interior portion of your exterior walls, then by all means insulate but be careful. You cannot insulate in the wall cavity of any wall that contains “knob and tube” wiring, which is predominant in older homes.

    This wiring is usually bare or has very thin (and very old) insulation on the wires. Putting any type of foam, fiberglass or blown in insulation over the old wiring puts you at serious risk for electrical fires.

  2. bossdog

    Interior walls usually are not insulated. But if you are going to try, I would probably call an insulation company (look in yellow pages) as they will usually give a free estimate. If you are going to try to do it yourself, you can start in the attic and drill holes through the top plates of the wall and start filling. The problem is going to be that the foam is going to get caught in the wiring and plumbing that is going through the walls. Most older homes have wood slats nailed to the studs before the drywall or plaster is installed. The areas where you can’t get to for the roof line, you will have to drill holes in the wall close to the ceiling and then repair the holes after you are finished. Just a thought as you calculate the cost. As for me, I wouldn’t insulate interior walls because heating and cooling issues.

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