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Question: How much does it cost to build a 1500 sq foot home?

Question by Horcrux: How much does it cost to build a 1500 sq foot home?
No bells and whistles, AC, etc. It’s just for a school project. The home I designed is 1455.5 sq feet and I want to know the cost either per sq foot or whole thing, preferably per sq foot. I am the North East America, and I need to know in AMERICAN money, no pounds or euros please. Best answer WILL be best answered.

Best answer:

Answer by louis
go into yahoo.com real estate on the left side of the home page. Find the city you are talking about and up comes a list of houses. Find one that is about 1500 sq. ft.
When it comes up it tells how much per sq ft. it costs to build in that area. Land prices are all different and so is supplies.
So you almost have to look up where the house is.
A two story may be cheaper because the foundation and roof are you most expensive parts of the house.
Is it two bathrooms or one? What kind of fixtures?
North East America is a large place. Even in New York the prices vary tremendously from one city to another.
Upstate is much cheaper than Manhatten for instance.
So you have to give a lot more information for the answer.

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5 Responses to Question: How much does it cost to build a 1500 sq foot home?

  1. James H

    a few of my friends are house builders and they charge 75 dollars a square foot for a house with wiring and plumbing but heating and a/c is the home owners responsibility looking at web sites for homes for sale are not a good idea because by the time a house hits the market everyone has added their cost to the final price and the house doesnt cost that much to build. usually an increase of 25-30 dollars a square foot more than the builders cost.

  2. oil field trash

    Many factors go into the cost of building a house.

    Location: in a large city? Suburbs? rural?

    Type of construction: brick veneer, wood siding, one story/two story, basement or slab foundation, ceiling height, floor finish, number of baths, fireplace, garage, type of heating, etc.

    Extras: cost of land included? septic system? water well? cost of plans, permits, inspections, interest on money during construction, builders profit, exterior items like driveways, patios, sprinkler systems.

    For this reason, you need to know what is included if you look at costs for existing new houses.

    Your house could cost as little as $ 50 a square foot to $ 200 a square foot. Twelve years ago when we decided to build a new house, we talked with several builders and got ball park estimates for the house we wanted to build. We found many builders happy to give a quick estimate. Once we decided to build, we chose a builder and he made a more detailed estimate but even it turned out to be low by about 20%.

  3. morris

    A no frills home this size will run about $ 30-$ 50 per sq ft for materials. If you add the cost of labor to have it built for you, the price is about double.

  4. James M

    The realestate in the area you will build is priced at about $ 80 per sq foot for a good house. Plus the lot of course. Some areas its $ 100.

    Actually, that is how realestate is valued by the sq foot plus add ons for special things like a gazebo or large lot ETC.

  5. Jenna Z

    Well, it all depends on whether you are building it or builders and contractors are building it. And the architechture and materials are dependents as well.

    The question doesn’t have a definite answer, I’m sorry.

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