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Question: How much does a AC/Heating system cost for a house?

Question by CounselorDan: How much does a AC/Heating system cost for a house?
I own a 2 BD condo that is about 900 square feet. How much does a new system cost installed – labor and all? I live in Alabama. Does cost of living play a role in the amount? If so how much for systems in the south? Plus how is the best way to get the best quote? Many companies charge to give you a quote. The problem with that is who wants to pay for a quote you dont use?
Just the airconditioner and heating part. Not the vents or ducts already made with the house.
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Answer by rsparkyd
new system? do you mean all new (duct, vents etc)..or just the outside condenser

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3 Responses to Question: How much does a AC/Heating system cost for a house?

  1. chuckimagine

    For a 900 SF space, you can probably purchase one for $ 1500-$ 2000 tops. I don’t understand why you can’t get a quote and have to pay for it. Call HVAC companies in your yellow pages and I’m sure you’ll get one that will give you a free quote. Something to keep in mind is you’ll need a place for the condenser. Depending on your condo, it might have to roof mounted over your unit. I would also check with the condominium association and see if anyone else had it done, and who they used.

  2. thrteenthtwist

    about 5,000.00

  3. gee1960

    I’d walk the yellow pages and talk to people, especially friends and/or family whom might have had a system installed lately. Surely you should be able to get a free quote from a few installers… if not, get a trustworthy name from a friend or someone you could trust… even from family?
    Looks like you just need a minimum system for 900 sq ft, so you’re looking at a small unit. Watchout for those fly-by-nighters… do NOT put a huge downpayment… maybe, just pay when the job is satifactorily done. Good luck!

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