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Question: Heating and cooling in homes?

Question by YOYO: Heating and cooling in homes?
I wanna know how does the cooling/heating systems work in homes. I came to USA from India few years ago and I live in an apartment right now. In India, we ONLY use natural gas for cooking. Homes use portable heaters in winter to keep rooms warm, and homes use electric water heaters for water heating (they call them GEEZERS or something like that).

In USA and Canada, all homes have natural gas pipes. I would like to know what things in a house use natural gas beside the stove in the kitchen. Like how does water heating works in homes? And do homes have separate cooling and heating systems or is just one system that does both? And is it automatically or do we have to adjust the temperature, etc.

Please help. I wanna know this so badly. Thanks.

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Answer by freeman
There are several different systems, in the north you have 2 seperate units, one for heat and one for cooling, they both use the same vent ducts.

In the south, you have one unit for cooling and heating. During the summer time, the AC unit takes over and blows cool air, in the winter, there is a heating element inside the air handler that heats the air.

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  1. jean ann j

    A central system cools and heats. The temperature is selected and they are automatic.

    Window air conditioners sit in windows. The size depends on the size of the room or house. There can be several in the house.

    Gas space heaters can be used.

    Electric space heaters are use.

    Hot water heaters are gas or electric.

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