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Question: goodman furnace keeps turning on and off?

Question by gunter_22: goodman furnace keeps turning on and off?
have a goodman furnace in basement that is now about 2 years old. the other day noticed furnace kicking on and off alot more then usual, went down to inspect and observed that burners are losing flame causing furnace to cycle up to restart flame. cleaned hole off fan (where rubber tube runs from to pressure switch) and did nothing. trying to see what is the cause for all sudden losing continuous flame for heat. Please help thanks

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Answer by Auntie Anne Arkey
Your gun might need cleaning. They can get gummy and clogged after a summer of non-use. Unless you are super, super, super handy and know what you’re doing, I’d suggest getting someone in to check how the gun is firing.

Any chance a lot of water has gotten into your tank? Too much moisture can cause this also. Many people let their tanks sit at close to empty over the summer which causes a lot of water to condense in the tank. You can get an additive to pour into your tank (about $ 20) to help control this and it is worth every penny.

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  1. bigdaddy

    does the furnace have a peep hole on the blower door? if it does there is a red light you can see and it will flash a code telling you what is causing the problem. there is a paper on the door with a list of code flashes so you know what it is. could be anything from a limit switch tripping do to dirty filter or evap coil or high gas pressure or could be a dirty flame sensor which is easy to clean with steel wool. the flame sensor will have a single wire going to it and it is a skinny rod that the flame burns on to establish flame. turn off the power and remove it and clean with the steelwool then put it back in this is usually the problem. some here will say clean with sandpaper but that is not the proper way to do it. hope this helps

  2. Marko

    Check the filter. Clean the condensate drain and/or trap.

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