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Question: Goodman Furnace has a red light that blinks 3 times & won’t come on?

Question by Michelle S: Goodman Furnace has a red light that blinks 3 times & won’t come on?
I recently cleaned my furnace & after connecting all wires & turning on I realized I had connected 2 wires wrong, fixed them & furnace still doesn’t work. NO POWER, NO GAS, NOTHING. There is a red light that blinks 3 times. What does this mean. There is no code chart, that I can find. Can someone please HELP? I have 3 kids & it’s COLD!!!

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Answer by nope n
Find the fault code and see what blinking 3 times means.

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  1. mac

    Hello,Fault Description:Pressure switch circuit not closed. Induced draft blower is operating.
    Possible causes:Pressure switch hose blocked, pinched or connected improperly.
    Blocked flue and/or inlet air pipe, blocked drain system, or weak induced draft blower.
    Incorrect pressure switch setpoint or malfunctioning switch contacts.
    Loose or improperly connected wiring.
    Corrective action: Inspect pressure switch hose. Repair, if necessary. Inspect flue and/or inlet air piping for blockage, proper length, elbows, and termination. check drain system. Correct as necessary.
    Correct pressure switch setpoint or contact motion. Tighten or correct wiring connection.

  2. Phillip K

    The status light on the control panel blinks 3 times indicates one of the following issues.
    1. The exterior vent pipe is blocked.
    2. The pressure switch is bad or wired wrong
    3. The ventor is clogged or jammed.

  3. smurfetta

    I suggest looking in you phone book for a local Goodman furnace dealer.Write down your serial and model number and give them a call. Tell them that you have a red light blinking three times and maybe they can look up the code for your furnace. Also you said the furnace has no power. Just a suggestion,but have you tried looking in your fuse box for a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. Maybe when you switched the wires it tripped a breaker. Just an afterthought. Good luck!

  4. Brian C

    im not sure which code your control board is flashing. it could be reverse polarity. make sure the white and black wires coming in are hooked up properly.it could be a limit switch that needs to be reset, make sure you check the one in the blower housing,push in on the red button.you may have turned the gas off and the furnace tried to light three times and failed and it is in lockout mode.turn off the power and turn it back on and see if that does it. the diagnostic chart should be on the door panel. also if you have a 90 plus furnace(you can tell a 90 plus by the pvc flue pipe) make sure you didnt knock off or kink the hoses going to the pressure switches. hope this helps

  5. James M

    You most probably flew a fuse in the electronic control.

    Remove the door from blower, on backside is a schematic, the fuse should be indicated on there. Locate it and if blown replace it.

  6. KirksWorld

    I went to their website. It didn’t seem that they had any troubleshooting information available.

    Turn off the circuit breaker and re-check your wiring. (Not sure why any wires needed to be disconnected for cleaning?) Turn the breaker back on, make sure your emergency shut off switch (if you have one) is on. Plus any switch on the heater for service purposes is on. Press any reset button. Usually will be lablelled as such or will be a red or yellow button.

    The gas control module should have pilot lighting or other instructions if it is electric start.

    If none of this works, perhaps the control circuit got fried during the wire cross?

  7. redbird

    I cannot remember without the panel that has the codes listed. I am a heating contractor in Houston so I will give you some things to check. Check the wiring again and make sure that all the safety limits are wired in. The control board checks that all safeties have a series connection with continuity. Check the orange or black rubber tube that connects to the induced draft motor in the burner section area. This tube is the ‘proving’ switch for tthe motor and ignition will not take place without pfoof of motor operation. Double check those wires on the pressure switch associated with this tube. Turn the 115v power off then back on. This resets the saftey trip code. It will reappear if the safety problem is still there. Remember that the blower compartment must be in place for the power to be present to start the unit. These newer furnace have door switches on the blower compartment doors. Good luck. E-mail me if this does not work. I will try to find out what the code is until then.

  8. dencrit

    There is usually a code on the door, however you may try turning the power off at the fused switch on the furnace for five minutes then turn it back on to reset a lockout. Also call a Goodman or Amana furnace dealer.

  9. The_answer_person

    First, call your utility company and ask them what it means and if they are not helpful then explain that you have kids in the house. See if they can help. If that still does not work call social services in your area and ask for the number for the help paying bills for utilities department. ( not sure of the exact name of that) I know that is not what you need but these people there usually can help.You may want to get some blankets with heater in them or a portable heater if necessary.
    Look at these websites for information if all else fails.

  10. Dr Universe

    call the dealer and ask them

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