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Question: Electric wiring help.?

Question by : Electric wiring help.?
I’m installing a led recessed lighting kit.

1. do I wrap the wires sticking out of the metal can housing box? black, white, and the ground or is it safe to just leave it out? the rest are going into the box inside the metal housing connecting them to the wires for the led.

2. when turned on, the breaker keeps knocking the power out. why? all the connections are collect. simple connecting black to black, white to white, ground to ground. the lighting kit and the metal housing are brand new and functions just fine when tested. when hanged down from the ceilings before being mounted, everything worked fine.

3. is there anything I need to be cautious after installation to prevent fire ? I can go up in an attic to clear newly installed insulation around… I’m afraid by mistake it will catch fire.

after calling around contracts, they were all kind enough to tell me that this was something easily done to try it first… so Im doing it on my own and it is indeed quite simple rather easy task with bit of trouble and worry.

please advice.

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Answer by Asoka
If your breaker is tripping when you turn it on, you have a short on the circuit. Either to ground or to neutral. Check you wiring and tape up all bare wires.

There is so little heat coming from LED lamps when installed properly, that you shouldn’t worry about starting a fire.

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