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Question: do infrared space heaters really work and save money?

Question by greengo: do infrared space heaters really work and save money?
I never trust the testimonials from the people who sell it. Have you tried one, and did it work great for you? I am freezing right now and could really use a cheap (low energy use) way to increase the heat in here. Examples: EdenPure and ComfortZone heaters. They are expensive, do they really save you lots of money in the long run?

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Answer by f100_supersabre
Infrared heaters work, BUT ONLY in direct line with the heater elements.
For larger spaces, they need to heat something that then heats the air in the surrounding area through air circulation.

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2 Responses to Question: do infrared space heaters really work and save money?

  1. Robin the energy saver

    Electric space heaters are all 100% efficient at converting electricity into heat.

    Radiant (infrared) space heaters project heat as infrared radiation; when infrared radiation strikes a solid object it is converted to heat, so radiant heaters are better at targeted or focused heating than convection heaters. If you’re freezing cold but you spend the whole day sitting at your desk, a radiant heater projected directly at you will make you feel warm even if the room is cold (and in fact, even if the door to the outside is wide open).

    Convection space heaters use either a fan or natural air circulation to spread their heat around a room. You can’t really target them to a specific area.

    The other factor with space heaters is that in areas where you pay different rates depending on the time of day you are using the electricity, you may save money by storing heat during times of cheap electricity, and releasing it into your rooms during times when you need heat and electricity is expensive. This can be done using a storage heater. They are more expensive to buy than regular space heaters but if you’re in a time-of-use electricity area they can save quite a bit of money if programmed correctly.

    I explain all of this in lots more detail on my little energy saving website. The link below is specifically to my energy efficient electric heaters page.

  2. Uncle Dud

    They do only heat a small area but if you spend 90% of your time in one area if you heat that area and leave your furnace down then you can realy save.

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