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Question: Did you know that is is impossible to be totally vegan?!?

Question by DrPepper: Did you know that is is impossible to be totally vegan?!?
The use of animal products and by-products is tremendously pervasive. For instance, animal fats are used in the production of steel, rubber, vinyl, and plastics. Hence, cars, buses, and even bicycles are not vegan items. Animal products are used in bricks, plaster, cement, and many home-finishing and insulation materials. They also can be found extensively in everyday products, including over-the-counter and prescription drugs, glue antifreeze, hydraulic brake fluid, perfume and cologne, videotape, photographic film, tennis rackets, musical instruments and innumberable other items.

So what are your thoughts now?
Some of your asnwers are so offensive. I don’t think I want to write in Vegan and Veggie anymore. Most of you are really cruel. I am a vegan, but I don’t want to be associated with your attitudes. Say something nice or don’t say anything at all, didn’t your parents teach you anything. I know you probably couldn’t care less that I won’t dare step in here again. But good ridence!

Best answer:

Answer by ephemera
yes, I know this. But you can still try to boycott as much as you possibly can. Thats better than doing nothing.

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22 Responses to Question: Did you know that is is impossible to be totally vegan?!?

  1. FM

    I got best answer on this last time, but here is a different point of view concept.

    It is pretty much not possible to get something that is truly 100% pure. How’s that? Well there’s always micro-organisms, dust, debris, etc.. all around. Similarly there is always some extent of contamination or “microscopic” usage of certain compounds that get into most of the modern day items that are manufactured or processed.

    For example, to make a computer hard drive requires a special clean room thousands and thousands of times cleaner than a hospital, not to mention any food manufacturing/processing facility where people are just wearing a hairnet or something. Occasionally some of their body debris gets on the food from skin or hair, etc… (which I suppose wouldn’t be vegan compounds), not to mention some of the uncleanly conditions of some facilities (I’ve seen people not clean their hands in the bathroom and go back to handling foods in the market, etc…). Other products may be processed on shared facilities and thereby come into contact with other compounds. So even if you get food products, the cleanliness of the facilities are not among the cleanest that are possible, so maybe you get 99.9% pure or maybe only 99% pure items, or perhaps 98.7% pure.

    Most people have to live in the normal world so it is up to their own choice how they make their decisions.

  2. abafna

    yep i know that no one is perfect in the world if he is perfect then he will be good,but we jains do care even fore micro insets,that no one else care for more do visit my home page at http://jainism.co.nr

  3. Cherie A

    You don’t seem to know what vegan means. Have you looked it up? Essentially, it means, as far as is possible, to avoid animal products. Can we avoid tires at this point in our lives? Not most of us in the cities. So, yes, it is possible to fit the definition of vegan.

  4. vegan&proud

    You already posted this before.

  5. jenasaurusx

    I’m certain that one day, far in the future, when enough people finally figure out how unhealthy and unnatural it is to harvest flesh and drink the milk (and milk products) and eggs of other animals and we become, as a species, more in line with what nature intended our diets to be, then there will be fewer animals from which to make those types of products and alternatives will be found. I think the fact that animal products can be found in these “everyday” items is more a case of finding a use for food animal waste than killing animals specifically for these products. And you shouldn’t say ANYTHING is impossible. For example, you may one day get enough of a life that you don’t have to try and bait people who have a lifestyle different than yours. Unlikely, but possible.

  6. fuumaxkamui69

    Do you always approach life like this? How can you accomplish anything if you don’t try? You’re basically telling Vegans that their lifestyle is pointless. Instead of trying to tear people down, why don’t you look through your life and see how many of the things you do every day are pointless.

  7. v_gan

    yes, I am aware of that.

  8. nightngle

    Why do you keep asking this question? This is what is called “flooding” and a reportable offense.

  9. = ^_^ =

    It is not impossible, just very difficult. You would have to live in a remote area, grow your own food, not have electricity, plumbing, basically nothing modern. Cut your own trees and build your own house of them.

  10. texaspice9

    So maybe we should all do nothing about the problems in the world. Are you criticizing people for doing as much as they can and that since that isn’t enough they shouldn’t do anything? Wow – that is a terrible attitude.

    I try to buy locally grown fruits and veggies to support my local farmer, I try to buy second hand clothes or clothes not made in sweatshops, I try to recycle and reuse, I try to take public transportation, I try to eliminate animal products as much as I possibly can.

    Are you suggesting since the world isn’t perfect I should just give up?
    I prefer to live my life how I imagine a better world might be..

  11. Mr. Pringle$

    It’s better to not even try to be Vegan. Go outside, right now, and kill something tasty. I’ll fire up the grill…

  12. wiltzenbiatch

    Vegan is a relative term – lets just say that ‘vegans’ try to avoid hurting animals in any way shape or form that is they try to avoid products that exploit or hurt animals.. it’s a lost cause but ‘they’ do try.

  13. anakabe

    I have tried it a few times on a purely nutritional level and found I needed herbs I did not have; strange impossible things I would need such as guarana harvested in November or something-not too practical!

    I still see it as an ideal, I just do the best I can.

  14. scorpio_queen_2003

    i am not vegan or even veggie,but i applaud anyone who stands up for their beliefs.vegans do the best they can.if they followed every detail then they would have to live up a tree,naked and eating the fruit from it to survive.and even then it may be polluted! i get your point,but in this day and age it is impossible to follow it all to detail!

  15. Sophia

    being a vegan is not that restricted, and it is possible to be totally vegan, most vegans just dont buy clothing that use some kind of animal in it and the term vegan itself is mostly talking about food so u cant say a bike is not a vegan item because there are no vegan items

  16. sweetXblood

    Still, trying to cut down the usage of such animal-based things helps, andboycottiong works… and sometimes, you can find plces to get such things as furnature, ect without such bullcrap.

    But yeah, i haven’t fully known that! So, X’s and O’s, ~Sari~

  17. dravafox

    actually, our teeth are made mostly for gnashing, like herbivores, otherwise our teeth would be more fanged throughout (think shark)

  18. scott m

    If we wern’t ment to eat meat, then we wouldn’t have the teeth we have !! If you want to be a vegan fine. But don’t expect all of us to go that that route!! BEEF! It’s what’s for diner!!

  19. Kate

    I think that you need to try to do the best you can do. Just like we all know that there’s not a single person in this world that can be perfect and be kind all the time and treat all people with respect. Does that mean that we should lose hope and treat all people terribly? Of course not! No one lives forever so should we all just kill ourselves now?! NO! Eventually, if enough people are vegans, maybe humans can eventually treat all animals with the respect that they deserve and nothing will be made from animal byproducts. But as for now, vegans are doing the very best they can.

  20. Sunshine H

    No one’s perfect, they just try their best to do their part in the world! Three vegan books I’ve read now have said something along the lines of what you said, and all three simply state to try your best at being vegan.

  21. Sara V

    at least they are trying their best with what they currently have in this state of the earth. what are you doing for the environment?

  22. Katie G

    Same as they were the last time you asked this question?

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