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Question: Can a rental water heater be replaced?

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Question by jamie m: Can a rental water heater be replaced?
When we purchased this house it came with a rental hot water heater from Direct Energy company. The house is 11 years old and I am quite sure the Natural gas water heater is 11 years old also. I have been reading on the net about all of the energy efficiant products etc. Can direct energy be asked from me to replace this with a newer more energy eff. & up to date model of watere heater. Do they have a standard rule that pertains to the replacement of the water heaters that they rent out to customers at around $ 12.00 per month?

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Answer by marie
ya,tell them its crap and that you want another one for free

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3 Responses to Question: Can a rental water heater be replaced?

  1. Robert S

    WOW! Can you tell them to just get rid of it. You have paid 1,804$ rent for a 600$ water heater.

  2. Stephen d

    If its a standard residential water heater. Its life span is about up anyway. The tanks in these thing last only about ten years. Id think the threat of a law suit for negligence in this matter would be enough to prompt the energy company to replace it besides at 12 a month over 11 years that water heater owes them nothing

  3. G.T

    why not, You have all the Right to ask them to change the type you need, even if the rent may be few $ more at least yr gas bill will be less after all you are saving energy as well yr money, good luck.

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