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Question: Best/Cheap way to sound proof a room?

Question by : Best/Cheap way to sound proof a room?
I’m looking for a the best way and most affordable way to sound proof a room. I’ve put up some pink 2 inch think insulation boards but it doesn’t seem to be cutting it.

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Answer by machinemay
When I played drums it would be mattresses and heavy drapes against the wall. There are solid doors and special windows for this

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  1. i_was_myself

    Add an inch of common drywall to the room walls and if you can to the walls on the other side as well. That is the cheapest and quickest way to accomplish it. You have to seal the drywall as well. That means caulking at all of the edges of the outer layer of drywall.

    The door has to be sealed when shut as well. It helps if the door is heavy and solid. Even better if there are two doors for the doorway. The best simple design is when shut there is a lip of wood that has weather sealing strips around all edges of the door. There are professional ways to do this that cost a few thousand dollars a door.

    I don’t know what to suggest for heating and cooling ducts. There is a device that is used for conference rooms. But it is 500+ dollars a unit and they are the size of a small refrigerator.

    Mind you that unless you reconstruct the walls so there is a double wall with at least several inches between the walls, it won’t stop above a common speaking volume at best. Sound travels very poorly across large voids. So two layers of drywall, a setup of wood studs, then jump a foot and make another set of studs and two layers of drywall for the other side. That is the basic setup for walls for sound proofing a home theater.

    I’m afraid insulation against sound is a partial myth. It can be an important element in a soundproof setup, but it only inhibits a few of the frequencies we can here. The higher range and the low range go right through it.

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