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Question: Any recommendation for a new furnace and heat pump combo?

Question by Lon W: Any recommendation for a new furnace and heat pump combo?
Currently using propane as furnace, but would prefer heat pump with electric. What brands are good quality, but at an affordable price? I know installation is a big chunk of the cost, and I am OK with that. Just want the best for the least. (like everyone else)

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Answer by dave.greg
Sorry I don’t have the answers your looking for, but, something to remember. Heat pumps work great as long as there is some heat it can remove from the air. EG. My brother had one that worked great, as long as the temp. outside was above 32degrees. He needed to put in a long under ground (geo-thermal) pipe to supply the pump with above freezing air. Once he did the pump worked great all year long.

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  1. smokin_rob70

    geothermal is the best heat pump system around but the cost of these systems is still very very high…most manufacturers offer decent value for their entry level products but i would spend a little more and buy a “middle of the road” system or the best one i can afford…i would pick a contractor that you feel comfortable with, has been around awhile, has been selling the same brand for awhile, and has good referances…most units these days use the same components as their competition they just put it in a different wrapper(some do do a better job than others). a good contractor that is familiar with the brand he is selling can give you a better system than a guy that is peddling you his system of the week that he has never installed before…

  2. rancidcrab

    To add to Dave’s input…

    You are using “free” heat, but you have to move that heat. This is expressed in terms of BTU capacity.

    You are limited to a capacity of 60,000 BTUs with one compressor unit. This is excluding the ’emergency heat’ which is essentially an electric furnace.

    Why? Most residential electrical service is limited to 2-phase. The largest compressor available for 2-phase service is 5 tons. 1 tone equals 12,000 BTUs.

    What is the heat loss calculation for your home on the coldest day of the year?


  3. RICH @www.hvac-for-beginners.com

    According to the reviews at my source, Maytag is the highest rated. You may also want to consider a geothermal system. For more about your options, check out my source.

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