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Question: $200 a good price for renting a room from someone?

Question by KC Green: 0 a good price for renting a room from someone?
I am male, this is my friends yahoo! Nice bedroom with cable furnished, access to all the necessary areas, buy my on food, but I can eat with the owner if she cooks a big dinner.
Or should I keep this apartment for $ 480 a month with everything furnished, (washer/dryer, dishwasher, bed, sofa and recliner, stove and fridge, rent, utility, cable, phone and internet). Living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Has good heating and cooling system. It is a 2nd floor apartment (the downstairs apartment is the only other apartment). I bring home $ 1040 a month.
My other bills total $ 475 a month, which includes gasoline and groceries.

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Answer by Bill B
you’re getting ripped off! Offer them half that!

They should meet you somewhere in the middle. Give them a funny look when they don’t take your first offer, rub your chin, and say “well… how about $ 120?”

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2 Responses to Question: $200 a good price for renting a room from someone?

  1. Ursugardaddy

    Nothing like your own place, you do not have to worry about coming in late and waking people or people eating your food,fussing because you left something out or you receive calls late at night. I will never rent a room because I love the freedom of my own domain anyway the choice is yours anyway Take Care and God Bless

  2. shiprepairwoman

    $ 200 is a fantastic price.

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