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Q & A: Window A/C, roofing-ventilation importance?

Question by Ricardo C: Window A/C, roofing-ventilation importance?
I control the heat well in my home with 1 large window unit for the main portion of my home with the help of a ceiling fan and a small unit for the bedroom. Since there is no duct work would there be any advantage to using ridge vents and/or improved insulation?

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hi ricardo c

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2 Responses to Q & A: Window A/C, roofing-ventilation importance?

  1. smokey

    either one would help reduce heat in the attic.

  2. jdwill1959

    there are a lot of factors involved in this it is called the envelope the infiltration of outside air vs inside air pressure in a nut shell the answer
    is it not practical to spend that amount for ridge vents or power ehauster

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