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Q & A: Why tankless water heaters are not famous in India?

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by RJL20

Question by Guruprasad: Why tankless water heaters are not famous in India?
I stayed in singapore for a few years, where almost every household uses instant water heaters. In India, I tried looking around for such water heaters, either they are not to be found in the appliances stores or they have very few models. Why are tankless water heaters not as famous in India when compared to the storage water heaters?

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Answer by Don
I didn’t realize anybody from India was on this list! Tankless water heaters aren’t very popular in the U.S. either, although I’ve heard they’re popular in Europe.

In the U.S., electric tankless water heaters haven’t had a good reputation – people expect more hot water than they can provide, apparently. Not everyone here has access to natural gas either, what most tankless heaters use. Otherwise, I can only figure the initial cost keeps people from buying tankless water heaters – they’re sure a lot more energy efficient. We have a history of wasting energy in this country, unfortunately.

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  1. Honsell T

    They aren’t that popular here in the U.S. either. They are very expensive, and expensive to convert to. And they don’t provide 100% hot water continuously, either electric or gas models, as I’ve experienced using both of them. I would say technology just hasn’t caught up to them yet. I like my full tank of hot water, it’s there and ready to be used when I want it.

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