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Q & A: Why is it 10 degrees warmer in my house than it is outside?

Question by : Why is it 10 degrees warmer in my house than it is outside?
I live in a 1000 sq/ft double wide mobile home in North Florida were it gets about 80-90 degrees in the early and late summer. The previous owners built false walls all the way around with 6″ insulation, no south facing windows, I have porch roofs covering all my windows, 4-6 inches of insulation in my attic, gable attic fan soffit vents under the porch roofs, roof vents, shade trees on the south side of the house and 2 window a/c units. Yet it is usually 10-15 degrees hotter in my house than it is outside. I dont understand it.

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Answer by Legend of the Seeker Addict xD
you probably need to open some windows.
is there too many people in your house? that could be the problem.

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  1. puppi_jams

    probably because it is enclosed all around, less room for heat to get out

  2. doubleralone

    turn on some a/c

  3. EagleWatcher

    your home is made out of metal-duh!

  4. JoJo

    Your problem is 2 fold.
    1st roof venting is the least understood factor in home or mobile home construction.
    First of all roof vents MUST have a free flow concept.And also ENOUGH vent openings it accommodate your roof DESIGN.
    Most roofers don’t even know this. More venting is the best, it allows the roof to EXHAUST the heat built up from the blaring sun. How its vented is the least understood. You must have your soffits open throughout using screens that dont clog to allow air to travel from the soffit upwards and outwards to you roof vent.
    Even turbine vents dont work if the flow doesn’t exist. Imagine trying to suck air out of a bottle with a tiny pin hole at the opposite end. Not very efficient is it! Even having a motorized exhaust fan it doesn’t work well unless you can create a cross flow of air to travel through
    Color of your roof is also important Black is the worst and white or silver is the best. Less heat attraction.I have applied aluminum paint to many roofs and it drops 10 -15 degrees just like that.
    If your home is dark colored, or Exterior materials are stained or brown trim work they all attract heat.
    Your place is like a huge thermal mass of materials inside and out that take 12 hours to heat up in the summer and maybe 9 hours to cool off . The ratio is not in your favor in the heated summer days.
    Wind flow helps cool your home and if your blocked by a lot of air travel by other buildings or trees your making it even more difficult.Same theory just larger application.
    Window fans help force the air out if you have the cross flow otherwise its the bottle theory again
    When you have a bowl of hot soup what do you do to cool it down to consume it? You blow on it!Opening windows only work if the air can travel through cross flow theory

  5. Kennadee


  6. Michaela


  7. hmm interesting

    you answered it yourself insulation the heat gets in stays in and there isnt fresh air so you feel hotter

  8. danielle c

    open the windows.
    if your ac is on and it is not cooling down then your probably out of freon.

  9. Common Sense

    you left the heat on??

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