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Q & A: When will sanity, law, and order be revived and American ideals preserved?

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by dbking

Question by sg: When will sanity, law, and order be revived and American ideals preserved?

Immigration to America in the 17th to 19th century was by decent, hardworking, well intentioned people, heading to America with honorable intentions to build and contribute to society. They created a workable social system with benefits to the deserving and a society of well-intentioned and decent people. But no such people come any more.

Now they come in droves, packing the major cities, causing an increase in crime, congestion, and taxes as real estate rents soar, parking is unavailable or exorbitantly high. Americans who took their entire lives to pay off their home mortgages, now find that the taxes on their homes are so high, they cant afford to live in them any more and the congestion so bad, they cant even find a place to park in front of their own homes. Many have to pack up and move out of the city, just to make ends meet, and then face the arduous daily hours of driving back and forth just to get to work and back home. That is, those that still have jobs, since as this goes on, jobs disappear, either right here where we get laid off, or the whole company moves out to a cheap labor country. And as the hordes make demands for energy needs, power needed to heat and light homes and buildings is insufficient, and cities black out, the demand for gas soars, heating prices skyrocket, and our own supply of gas becomes insufficient to meet our own needs, and we become victims of the arabs, who use the pumps to revenge our policies they don’t like. Even the price of food is soaring to feed these unwelcome parasites.

They pile over the borders or by plane on visitor visas, preying on the good naturedness of Americans to provide a refuge for the oppressed, they connive the appearance of the downtrodden and persecuted, and then sit down comfortably and stay here, leeching off the health care system which faces bankruptcy in 20 years, the welfare system that us sucker u.s. taxpayers have to pick up the tab for, and which we spent decades to build.

Social parasites from latin america, flock here to live free on us sucker taxpayers, dragging their families and relatives in, once they get green cards and then swamping the health care system with their third world illnesses and birth defects. And the other breed of latinos – criminals of the most evil intensities terrorizing communities in which they rob and kill.

Thieves and common criminals from the countries of eastern Europe and the soviet union, hearing that there is still stuff on store shelves when stores close, that hasn’t been shoplifted or sold, come and steal, with impunity.

Mafia organizations that control Russia and the countries of the former soviet union, setting up foreign crime systems that specialize in grand larceny, weaponry, even nuclear arms materials for sale, stolen from the old soviet system, available for sale to our enemies, raking them million$ .

Africans with strange ,deadly diseases walk in, causing epidemics and death to our gay citizens and to innocent people in general and swamping the health care system.

Asians with alien religious philosophies, contrary to Christian monotheism, poisoning the minds of our youth. And they come and take our jobs away here in America, while employers, enticed by cheap labor, move their companies there, leaving us unemployed,.

Terrorists walk in and go about their death tactics with ease and we shudder at what they will do to us next.

All, contributing to crime, violence, social unrest.

Finally, To add insult to these injuries to our nation, our government picks up the tab for hundreds of thousands of third world “students” to come, pack our universities tuition free at the expense of us US taxpayers ,while we Americans fall into debt to pay for our own children to get a college education.


What kind of fools are running this country?
What kind of fools are we to let this go on?


Best answer:

Answer by TraderG
Re-read your history. Georgia was a penal colony; California was so rough that many immigrants returned to the mid west and the East Coast. The term “Shanghied” came from the kidnapping and forced servitude of young men in San Francisco. Wars were constantly being fought between rival Europeans, the Colonists and various indigenous tribes and slavery was an institution. There was one town in Ohio whose main business was to kill and appropiate the goods of the pioneers who were traveling west. Oklahoma was settled by “Sooners” The gangs in New York were deadly. Law and Order is an ideal; it is a work in progress. The civilization that we have is a thin veneer that is fragile. It must be nutured and protected otherwise we” fall into a state of chaos. Pornography is the norm today; and I hear that organ harvesting is becomming a lucretive business in the underworld. The bottom line is that good and evil people have always co-existed. Choose a side and stick with it.

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2 Responses to Q & A: When will sanity, law, and order be revived and American ideals preserved?

  1. Growl

    Finished with your rant? You should read some history to find what it was really like 200 years ago.

    A large part of the early American was based on slavery, stealing land from Native American and from Mexico, rape of the ecology, political corruption, and similar activities. The percentage of honorable, humane people was probably much Illegitimate children in 1800 were the highest ever.

    America has always had minorities that bigots have tried to exclude: Germans, Irish, Jews, Afro-Americans, Native Americans, Orientals, etc. Mexicans and Latinos are only the latest.

  2. rachel t

    First of all, well said. You are a fine example of how people are starting to feel about this very serious problem the Government chooses to ignore year after year. And because the Government ignores this Mass Illegal Immigration issue, it has got sooo out of hand and the American public is starting to wake up and become VERY frustrated, like you and I. I’m starting to see a civil war (And I know that sounds dramatic) on our hands that wont end well. Since no American ‘Hero’ has stood up yet, its time for the American Tax Paying citizen to revolt and possibly take matters into their own hands. Enough is enough.
    So basically, it seems it will get worse before it gets better.
    God Bless America. I pray for her.

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