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Q & A: When to plug in heat tape?

Question by Amy G: When to plug in heat tape?
I live in Maine, where its anywhere from 20-50 degrees (between day to night). I have a new mobile home and want to know when its appropriate to plug in the heat tape under the house. Do I do it when the temps go down below 0, or is “smart” and only starts working when the temps get so low? I don’t want to waste electricity.

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Answer by erndog1001
Basically you want to plug it in if the temp is going to be below freezing(32).I never heard of heat tape that is self-regulating so I think you’ll have to just do it manually.

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4 Responses to Q & A: When to plug in heat tape?

  1. mel

    32 degrees. insulate it well, and have good skirting to block wind.

  2. judy_derr38565

    Plug it in and leave it plugged in, the cost to repair the plumbing would far out weigh the cost of running a heat tape.

  3. Da_Bears70

    ONLY heat tape that is “self regulating” will stop heating when it gets warm outside.
    if your’s is not, then get some and install it yourself.
    it’s real simple. The brand i use is RAYCHEM and it’s marketed as a Crankcase heater for compressors, but they have tapes for outdoor water pipes as well that are the plug in type. and comes with instructions.
    however if you don’t have the money for that then you should plug it in when the weather is going to be below 33 degrees

  4. jim m

    any time is good , they have a built in thermostat, so you will not waste electricity

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