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Q & A: what makes steam heat pipes clank?

Question by whoknows53: what makes steam heat pipes clank?
I have an oil furnace, only 3 years old, radiators (old standup type) steam heat. Last night two radiators just stopped working; one, a baseboard type in the bathroom is still working. The pipes are clanking and banging, unbelievably. The bathroom radiator sounded like a very loud popcorn machine. Someone mentioned that the furnace might need to be bled. Does this sound like something that can be fixed just by working on the furnace, or would the radiators be involved. I need to know how much access the repair tech would need, so I can determine whether I need to be home or if I can leave it up to someone else. If they would just need access to the basement, I would be comfortable not being at home.

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3 Responses to Q & A: what makes steam heat pipes clank?

  1. bob r

    Could be a couple of things Wrong 1-Boiler could be flooded. 2-steam traps cold be bad 3- air vents could be water logged.

  2. ccudd13

    You have a boiler not a furnace. Furnaces are for hot air. When the person installed the system it probably was not sized right so the sound you hear is water hammer. You need to find a NORA certified tech to work on your boiler not just some plumber.

  3. turtle lover

    Air is the best reason for this clanking. Also the thermodynamics of the heating and cooling can cause this to happen. but most often it is air in the system. steam traps some times fail to work correctly and can make this problem seem worse over time. it best to have it serviced if it becomes a routine issue

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