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Q & A: What is Cheap Loft Insulation Offer?

Question by : What is Cheap Loft Insulation Offer?
I need to know about Cheap Loft Insulation Offer.

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Answer by Mike S
Why can’t you google it yourself instead of me spitting back what I found?

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  1. Billu

    As you are probably aware, heat rises and so insulating the loft of your home is one of the best energy saving measures that you can take. It is also one of the easiest measures to implement and normally only involves spreading the insulation around the loft area. In an un insulated house you roughly loose a quarter of all heat through the roof, by adding loft insulation this figure can be drastically reduced. The latest recommended depth of loft insulation is 270mm, if you have less than this you will not save as much energy and so it may be a good idea to check and top up if necessary.

    googling it got me this.

  2. Trevor

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