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Q & A: What is a good way to insulate a drywall wall after it has already been constructed?

Question by squarejer: What is a good way to insulate a drywall wall after it has already been constructed?
The interior walls of my house do not provide much sound insulation. I would like to reduce sound travel inside my house.

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Answer by hardcorehatebreedchick
well with the drywall being up already you cant insulate anymore but try hanging pictures i know it sounds dumb but it knocks down the vibration sent through the wall trust me it works

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8 Responses to Q & A: What is a good way to insulate a drywall wall after it has already been constructed?

  1. Tom-SJ

    Adding insulation inside interior walls won’t change the sound levels very much.

    There are a few ways you can go:
    – have cellulose insulation blown into the wall cavities – two holes are drilled thru the drywall, one high and one about waist level (below the mid-level fire blocking betw the studs) I don’t think this will reduce sound transmission levels much at all.
    – install a 2nd layer of drywall over the first – this will almost double the sound absorbing qualities of the wall system. You will have to have electrical boxes adjusted – either using box extenders or relocated out thru the wall by 1/2″.

    The best way (but too costly for your situation) is to build a sound isolation wall during initial construction. The wall is made with 2×6″ plates – top and bottom, and two sets of 2×4 studs, offset from each other. Each side of the two stud walls is aligned to the outer edges so that drywall on each side is only fastened to one set of the studs. (Easier to draw than to use words.) The sound isolation comes from the fact that the the sound in one room only touches one drywall sheet, and is transmitted to a single set of studs. There is no mechanical sound transfer from one drywall sheet to the other, as is the case in a standard 2×4 stud wall.

    Good luck.

  2. unclebob168

    Big job. Your going to have to have it blowen in from the top making a hole just big enough to fit the nozzle of the hose going to the bag of the insallation. Maby Home depo can help with what you will need. Good luck.

  3. reblmebn

    read this and good luck

  4. Leo

    spend money on expensive windows (may require siding job and gives a chance to then insulate from outside)

    hang pictures, paintings

  5. sonnyd

    You can use blown in cellulose insulation it blows in through a small hole in the wall that can ber covered over or filled when the job is done.

  6. beach_luver5

    Can’t really do much. Most likely you’ll have to go through your attic (if you have one) and pile some sound insulation up there—-doesn’t do much though. If you really hate the sounds, you’re going to have to restart and knock down all that drywall.

  7. ceprn

    Textured paint. You could open the walls and put insulation in. You can use egg cartons in the rooms where the noise is.

  8. edward I

    Blown insulation from the attic.

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