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Q & A: Sound deadener for Super Beetle?

Question by : Sound deadener for Super Beetle?
1974 Super Beetle. Air-cooled. Dual Port.

Hello! So I am about to rebuild my Super beetle engine, and I figure before I put the motor back in, I’d like to replace the firewalls inside the engine compartment and replace them with new Firewalls and maybe even sound deadeners. Also replace the interior insulation with new sound deadening/heat insulation around the passenger compartment, and double the sound deadening where the “luggage” compartment is, which is the wall where the engine is behind. Maybe even extra undercoating under the car.

The reason is because I have an AIR-COOLED super beetle and it is LOUD. About as loud as a Harley, or “Road” motorcycle. It certainly compares to my neighbor’s Honda Shadow, in terms of volume. It’s sometimes cool to have a loud car, and then people look over and it’s “just a bug” coming around the corner, but if a soft-spoken person tries to talk to me, or quietly come home at night, it is nuisance.

Would this work? Is it a good idea?

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Answer by BitOHumor
stock muffler? No, I suppose you have a blue bottle on it or just a rusty POS for a muffler.
VW engine is suppose to be heard by the driver so he knows when to shift. (I am assuming you have a manual transmission) There are recommended points when to shift.
If I can remember(and I liked it more quiet most of the time) 15,25,32,and you can float at idle speed in 4th gear at 30+MPH These are the minimum shift points. Basically slow take off and slow to cruise up to 30+

You are almost in idle in every gear except first.
Max shift points are like 25,45,65, hit the pin in top end(with a tail wind going downhill from a nuclear blast…..

I never memorized it, I was just in an extreme hurry and that is what the 1300 could put out in a type 3

But I had a 73 SB 1600 with stock exhaust and it was either quiet enough or I got used to it in the years of driving.

Note that it is harder on the engine when you shift sooner because you are basically near lugging it. An air cooled will last longer the harder your foot is on that pedal….that is the way they were designed.

Get louder talking friends.

It does not matter how much you pad the firewall area. Everyone in the neighborhood is gonna hear you coming because you did not fix the exhaust volume.

Loud as a Harley? The cops can nail you with a FINE for excessive noise and you have to get it fixed.

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3 Responses to Q & A: Sound deadener for Super Beetle?

  1. T.Vance

    Muffler (new) is the way to fix this.
    The fire wall insulation will only make the interior quieter and
    will not make any difference if the windows are down.
    There could be a noise ordinance that is being violated.
    I know, in MY neighborhood,
    if it bothers someone, it can lead to fines or more.
    The night time noise ordinance that exists in most city’s,
    does not apply here.
    Even a yap yap dog, going off at 2 pm,
    can result in the animal control at my door.
    Go see a muffler shop.
    Talk to the techs and listen to what they have to say
    about your noise issues.
    They will recommend you some expensive and inexpensive options.
    They might also give you some idea’s on whether or not
    your engine is noisy for another reason.

  2. good2go122

    Employ a stock muffler. with stock tail pipes.

  3. Motorhead

    Yes. The traditional is tar covered by tar paper, but foam sheets or thick rubber also works. Heavy but pliable deadens sound. floor mats from a junk yard would do.

    But if the car is really loud, you may not have enough muffler back pressure. If you run it without enough back pressure, the valves can cool too quickly and warp when coasting down hill. So be careful. You need some muffling.

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