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Q & A: Questions on Crested Geckos (10 points for best answer)?

Question by Kitty: Questions on Crested Geckos (10 points for best answer)?
I am getting my first Crested Gecko tomorrow and before I go to the store to start getting things I had some quick questions I wanted to ask.
First off. I am using a 20g tall aquarium for its home. The lizard itself is only about two and a half from nose to vent. I assume it would be a bad plan to put this tiny lizard in that huge of a tank. The guy at the reptile shop says its fine but I’m uncertain. It comes in a tiny critter keeper only a about 3 inches tall and about 4 inches wide each way. What should I do about keeping it until it grows a bit? How big does the gecko need to be before it can be housed in the 20g tank?
Also, I have heard so many options about substrate I have NO idea whats right and wrong. I am not planning on feeding anything live so I don’t have to worry about it getting food when it goes after a cricket so is it alright to use a more earth-like substrate or do I HAVE to use newspaper etc.
The temperature in the room it is being housed in is fairly chilly with night time temps sometimes dropping into the low sixties and the daytime highs only rising to 69. (Both temps in F) What would be best to heat a 20g tall tank? What should I do about heating the tiny little tank?
They said at the shop they haven’t been eating the diet very good but I won’t be able to feed any crickets. I heard mixing tiny portions of non citrus baby food encourages them to eat the CGD is this true?
Also, can I get a ‘shopping list’ of the bare minimum until I can get a bit more cash to go all out?

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20 gal is good.10 is getting to small though.It should grow big within one year so you should probably just get 20 gal.Carpet is one of the best things for substrate.Easy to clean and won’t need to buy more anytime soon.And if you use sand, gravel, etc. it might swollow it on accident.Make sure to get a heat lamp to heat it.The best thing to feed geckos are crickets and mealworms, not to much more.

You need:
-tank (best is probably 20 gal)
-food(crickets,mealworms,bottled pellets (sold in pet stores)
-water bowl
-cave (something to hide in)
-heat lamp
-any decorations of choice(optional)

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  1. ArielAndie

    a 20 gallon tank is fine (if you were feeding it live food then it would be hard for it to find it in a LONG 10gal tank) so you dont need to worry it will be fine in that tank if its tall and not long it will be able to find its food fine. from what it sounds like your tank will be ok

    For substrate use something that holds humidity well paper towels work great they need a lot of humidity so make sure you have a spray bottle and spray it with water a lot. the temperature in the tank should be in the high 80s-low 90s. to keep the heat up get a heat lamp…get lots of fake plants and logs it can climb on(elevate the logs so it can climb up closer to the heat lamp if it wants)..they only drink water that drips from the leaves and plants they DONT drink from a dish..also you can feed them apple sauce you can put a little dish of it in there but change it everyday..as babys they mostly eat fruit but once its older you will need to feed it crickets or meal worms they sell them at any pet store..adult crested geckos need to eat protein

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